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Water Lily Body Wrap Treatment

Water Lily Sun Relief Body Wrap

It’s no surprise that the hot Arizona sun can dry out skin especially when you’re laying by the pool for hours a day.  At Mind, Body & Soul Spa, we realize the importance of ensuring that your skin stays healthy and keeps its elasticity by offering a number of spa treatments to help you feel rejuvenated. The Water Lily Sun Relief Body Wrap, is the perfect treatment after a day outside.

The ultimate in calming and hydrating care.  A natural cocktail of green-tea, water lily, aloe-vera and chamomile extracts are applied to leave the skin refreshed and soothed.  The Water Lily Sun Relief Body Wrap provides immediate relief to sun-damaged or sun-sensitive skin with the use of a therapeutic, soothing water lily wrap.  Guests who experience this treatment can enjoy immediate cooling and desensitizing relief from burning, itching and stinging sensations. This healing treatment specifically decreases the skin’s temperature and provides phenomenal hydration.

Wrap yourself in relaxation, restoration, and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated. We offer a spectrum of the finest intensive treatments to address all your skin care needs. Each treatment session includes a 5 minute pre-interview/treatment preparation and 5 minutes at the end for you to re-dress.

60 min.  $100