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Healing Moor Mud Body Wrap

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  • 60 Minutes $105
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Service Overview

Moor Mud is a hydro soluble, rich black clay containing minerals, amino acids, phyto-hormones, vitamins enzymes, humic acid and salicylic acid. It is widely known for its detoxifying abilities and, due to it being extremely rich in minerals, it has a powerful re-balancing effect on the body.

To maintain an active lifestyle and expedite recovery time resulting from sports injuries and muscular distress, a healing Moor Mud is generously applied to all sore and injured areas. This rehabilitation treatment provides intense soothing and alleviating benefits to your injured areas and keeps your active life on track.

Moor mud is very popular in skin care. It cleanses skin of impurities, detoxifies, helps to preserve skin thru presence of natural tanning elements, improves circulation and makes skin look and feel rejuvenated.  Moor Mud also helps in healing of skin problems, treats back ACNE, tones and tightens the skin, helps to reduce cellulites and alleviates muscle pain. The Moor mud body wrap detoxifies the body and helps to mobilize toxins stored in fat so they can be eliminated from the body naturally.

Wrap yourself in relaxation, restoration, and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated. We offer a spectrum of the finest intensive treatments to address all your skin care needs. Each treatment session includes a 5 minute pre-interview/treatment preparation and 5 minutes at the end for you to re-dress.