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Hydrotherapy Add-On Treatment

Start out your relaxing Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage or Soothing Stone Massage treatment with a 20 minute Hydrotherapy soak, a wonderful and complete spa experience by loosing up your musc… Read More

30 min. $50

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Herbal Aromatherapy

Herbal Aromatherapy Treatment

A bathing experience that stimulates the body to renew and detox. Contains an abundance of valuable minerals, vitamins & amino acids. It stimulates metabolism, aids in mineralizations & re-hydration and has a… Read More

 60 min. $100

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Natural Moor Balneotherapy

Discover the healing and soothing properties of this 100% natural Moor mud. Let your aches, pains and worries soak into its soothing properties and emerge feeling deeply relaxed.  This 100% natural Moor… Read More

60 min. $100

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Detoxifying Thalassotherapy

For centuries, seaweed has been recognized for its powerful ability to eliminate toxins and revitalize the metabolism. Seaweed is also well known for its slimming effect when incorporated in conjunction with… Read More

60 min. $100

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